Thursday, 28 November 2013

Explore The Fun of Playing Words With Friends

Participating in online word building contests such as Words With Friends will explore the literal side of yours in the best possible manner. Latest word games with innovative features are included in this regard through which you could realize even more comfort standards on an overall. Participating in the Current Tournament will ensure that you are eligible for playing and winning games in precisely the same way as you anticipate. Apart from having active participating in popular word games of your choice, you get to realize utmost comfort levels by playing with others online in a dynamic fashion.

Word Validator and other features are included to determine the existence of a specific word that has
been included by you or others. Reporting dubious words without any precise meaning is something what you could benefit with in an extensive manner. Numerous other aspects of the website will let you explore all those features that you expect in general. For instance, the availability of Countdown Timer will let you obtain more flexibility in organizing your priorities as far as participating and winning the contests is considered. Regular updates about the events related to the gaming strategies too are advertised on popular social networking websites as well.

Monthly winners who play and succeed with each game are announced in a timely manner. Several rounds are organized for the benefit of active players who would like to include their maximum knowledge
while playing in one of the most exciting word contests. Checking out the latest features and timely updates on a regular basis too will prove to be most crucial in this context for sure. Additionally, you are provided with updated information regarding when a specific round is beginning or ending as per the ultimate needs you got. Organizing your priorities easily is possible in this regard for sure.

Word Score Calculator helps you the number of points you accumulate by arranging a new word. Saving your valuable time that would have gone wasted in arranging words and calculating points can be best realized in this regard. Automated features related to the concept of dynamic word building exercises will prove to be most beneficial to you in an eventual manner. Instead of taking chances with your game playing tactics, it is better to implement your strategies by realizing your exact needs in precisely the same way as you want. Daily Champions are announced apart from the Weekly Champions as well.

Words With Friends is an enthusiastic resource for active players who would like to make best use of word building skills in a dynamic manner. Checking out the latest updates too is possible in this regard is possible with the consideration of advanced schedule management. Perhaps, you can participate in Daily Challenge due to which you get to realize ultimate quality standards on an overall. Additionally, you can consider Monthly Tournament for your exact needs through which you could increase your chances of winning the contest in a perfect manner. Timely results could be known through which you could realize the efficiency with which you are playing.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Know Some Crucial Strategies for Scoring High in Words with Friends Game

To score high in the Words with Friends game you have to rely on various things including vocabulary. 
Knowing a few important strategies is quite essential for getting consistently high score in this word game and to lead you towards success.

If you are a word game fanatic, then you must be familiar with the Words With Friends game, which is not only available for playing on Face book, but also on various devices such as iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and other Android devices. Also known as clone of Scrabble, this exciting word game allows you and the opponent to follow some rules and create words based on given letters with the final objective- scoring more points. There are many ways to score high including the commonly practiced method, that is using cheats but to get ultimate top score, it is important to know some basic strategies. Let see them in detail:

1. Usage of plural words

The most common strategy to obtain points for the letters existing on the board is, extending the words. This is because of the following reasons: don’t want to miss some good letters for future moves, bad letters dominate with no alternative moves and
have to extend the word with letter Q to earn at least 10 points using the existing letters. Extending the word
can be done by pluralizing it, for instance the word QUAD can be pluralized as QUADS. This method can help you get some bonus fields and when you face the words that end correctly with triple score then suffixing S is the best option. The letters of extended words count with normal points whereas the bonus field counts only for first time, when the tile is placed on them. Pluralize the words intelligently, that is instead of suffixing S for the existing words, follow some advanced strategy. For instance, look to add a full word having the letter S in it. The word QUAD can be extended by creating a word BASE, if you have all the letters required to build it in your rack. Here the S is counted two times for both the words and you get points for QUADS as well as BASE, which gives high score.

2.  Avoid low value long words

Though creating long words show your proficiency in vocabulary it does not always give high score, especially due to more usage of low value letters such as E, R, S and similar tiles. Using all the seven letters in your rack can be interesting only if the word gives 35 bonus points. Further, long words can give opportunity to
other participants to score high, as your long word can bring them triple word bonus square or open up any new options. So, short words with high value letters are good option as it won’t change the game much and compels the opponent to build words with low-value letters or even miss a turn.

3. Know short words    

 Learn two and three letter short words and use them whenever you play Words with Friends game. They allow you to make words parallel to another one and make good score without much effort.